You Need to Get Laid

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How many times have friends told you this? I bet about as often as it has run through your own mind. If someone else sees it, chances are you have known it for a long time. But how on earth are you going to get laid without a partner or even the hopes of one. You do not know anyone local to you, you are not an openly social person, but you would damn sure love to get laid, for sure. I have done some work for you to help you to get laid. I found apps that are very high on the list of apps that will help you hookup and get laid. This avenue helps you meet someone without having to be nervous and sweaty while trying to be on top of your game, nerves can get the best of us, trust me. So let’s find you a horny sex partner.

The top 10 apps I have found online to help you get laid or at least find you a hookup and let you go from there. We have: Bumble, Blendr, Coffee Meets Bagel, Down Dating, Facebook, Happn, Maps, Nearify, and finally, Tinder. These apps are all very good at meeting people. It does not always have to be a dating site, per se, it just has to be a way of looking for a hookup, you know, to help you in your need to get laid.

But wait, stop the presses, why did you list Google Maps, is what you are thinking, right? Well, think about it, what other method are you going to use to find local hangouts around you? Things like Clubs, bars, concert halls and other entertainment resources that will help you to meet someone. That is, you have to actually go to these places to actually meet someone new. If that is freaking you out to bad, then by all means, go back to the apps or dating sites that help you not feel so on the spot.

Just to give you some assurance,  I used to hang out in bars, not for hooking up purposes, or a need to get laid, but because I was a band manager and had to be there. Not being a drinker, it gave me the chance to really watch people and how they interacted with one another. The girls always came in groups and they would plant those sexy bodies right down in the middle of the crowd and made sure that all of the guys, and girls, seen them. Girls play to girls, and if you watch this sometime, you will see for yourself. They need other girls to feel intimidated or jealous of them, or to make them know that they look fine. Guys would walk up to them usually in pairs, sometimes only one at a time, and ask the girls to dance, and then it was a game of let the games begin. Once that first dance was accepted, the chance of their need to get laid went up by at least 50%.

So do not think for a second that you do not have what it takes, because everyone does. Be more confident in yourself and play fair to your own self esteem, go and take that chance and ask that girl to dance. Chances are she is going to say yes, but the worst thing she can do is say no, right? She isn’t going to club you with a bat! Sign up to Bored Housewives UK for free.

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