2 bored and fat housewives share a total stranger’s dick

The thing is with Bored Housewives is, well, they get bored! But, when two bored housewives get together then all kinds of crazy shit can go down, especially when they’re both horny and all worked up. Michelle and Claire are having a great time together. They both have their tongues wrapped around each other’s and Claire is getting her massive tit massaged at the same time. That’s when she looks down and sees that Sam has joined in on the fun. He’s down on his knees with his mouth firmly attached to a tit. He’s sucking on her giant nipple like it’s sustaining his life. If you’ve never fuck ed a bored housewife then be sure to sign up for free at our site because there’s plenty more women like Curvy Claire who want a good shag.

She’s so impressed with his enthusiasm that she decides to get together with Michelle and repay his kindness. They both get right down on the floor and take his stiff cock right into their hands.

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Claire gives it a few good strokes before she decides to give the thick shaft a nice, long lick with her warm tongue. Michelle takes her cue and slides his throbbing head right into her mouth. They both share the blowjob until it’s clear that they’ve done their job and he’s about to explode all over them. Michelle gets to claim the load by taking his cock all the way to the back of her throat while Claire supports her. She starts sucking on her nipple to keep her going until she swallows the whole thing.

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