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Horny slut from Leeds pulls her panties down and shags two strangers at a dogging meet.

These days dogging is what the most daring of us get up to when we get bored at home and want to meet a stranger for casual sex. Bored Housewives UK is perfect for this. We’ve all had outdoor sex at one time of another in fact I lost my virginity on Margate beach when I was 19 I still fantasize about it to until this day! Maybe that’s why I enjoy dogging so much, I love to get naked in public and have sex outside, theirs just something so natural about it but what I really like about dogging is that I’m been watched by others, I’ve always had exhibitionists tendencies and dogging is where I can really let go and just have fun. Summer is of course best for dogging because you can arrange a meet at a secluded woodland car park, strip naked and really have fun. Register for free & find outdoor sex contacts.

I usually just park up in my little Corsa, wind the window down and put on a bit of a show for whoever is there. I never wear panties when I go to a meet so I can just hitch my skirt and if I want to have sex then it’s easy access for the guys. One of the reasons I helped start this site was to make it easy for myself to find new dogging contacts who I could arrange to meet and the site works perfect, we now have thousands of men and women who are genuine dogging fanatics and who arrange sex meets weekly at various car parks and lay-by’s across the country.

If you would like to have outdoor fun with other couples or singles then I invite you to make a free account and start searching for sex contacts in your area who would also like to go dogging. Sex outdoors with a stranger is a massive turn on and incredibly exciting, I see many couples when I go to meets who are looking for strangers to watch them and join in but these days I’m seeing more and more single women who just turn up hoping to get a quick shag from a stranger. they do this because there’s no strings attached you don’t even have to swap names or numbers. When ever I get horny and need a man I just find where the nearest dogging meet is and go and have some outdoor fun, it really is that easy! Register at Bored Housewives for free!

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